Prorrogado prazo para submissão de trabalhos científicos para o ECR até dia 13 de novembro

A European Society of Radiology (ESR) prorrogou o prazo de envio dos trabalhos científicos para até sexta-feira, 13 de novembro. O CBR, por seu importante relacionamento com a instituição e pelo grande interesse de radiologistas brasileiros em um dos maiores eventos da especialidade, reforçou a divulgação sobre a submissão de trabalhos durante os últimos dias. […]

CBR members can be members of the BIR with special conditions and, therefore, take advantage of the institution's Annual Congress for free

The Annual Congress of the British Institute of Radiology (BIR) will take place between the 4th to the 6th of November 2020, in a completely online event. Due to the partnership between the entities, CBR members can become members of the BIR for a special fee and enjoy the event completely free of charge. Besides that, […]

CBR Press Release - Postponement of the European Radiology Congress 2020

In view of the advancement of COVID-19 cases around the world and the need for restrictive measures on free movement, in some countries, the European Society of Radiology (ESR), in a correct manner, following the determinations of the Austrian authorities and aiming at the safety of all, took the decision to transfer its annual meeting, which would be held from 11 […]

CIR will have the 6th Edition of the Ibero-American Diploma of Radiology in 2020

In this year of 2020, the 6th Edition of the Ibero-American Diploma of Radiology (DIAR) will take place. The CBR, in providing services to the specialty at the international level and reinforcing the partnership with the Colegio Interamericano de Radiología (CIR), supports this initiative through its dissemination, even if the exam is not valid in Brazil. Check out […]

CBR and SPR take Brazilian residents to JFR 2020. Check out the selected ones!

The French Society of Radiology (SFR) will pay homage to Brazilian radiology in 2020, during the French Radiology Day (JFR), which will take place in Paris, from October 2nd to 5th. Nine residents of Diagnostic Imaging were selected to participate in the event, receiving free registration from SFR, financial support for the purchase of airline tickets […]

Final Result: Check out the winners of entries and tickets for the 35th SERAM Congress

The Brazilian College of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (CBR), in partnership with the Colegio Interamericano de Radiología (CIR), carried out during December 2019 and this January an action to encourage the participation of residents and young radiologists in the 35th Congress of the Spanish Society of Medical Radiology (SERAM), which will take place […]