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Scientific director of CBR grants an interview to “Jornal da Band” about lack of contrast

CBR's scientific director, Luciana Costa, gave an interview to “Jornal da Band”, this Tuesday afternoon (26). On the agenda, the current moment of scarcity of contrast in Brazil and in the world.

Luciana Costa explained the function of the contrast, what the lack can cause in terms of damage in diagnoses and strategies to manage the use of the material in times of scarcity, prioritizing urgencies and emergencies, according to the recommendations of a note from the Ministry of Health prepared in jointly with CBR and published on the 13th.

falta de contraste cbr radiologia

The College's scientific director also explained the main reason for the lack of the input on the market, a lockdown caused by the worsening of the covid-19 pandemic in China, which caused the temporary suspension of manufacturing in one of the main factories in the world.

CBR actions to address contrast shortage

CBR has carried out a series of initiatives in recent months to discuss alternatives in times of contrast scarcity. In addition to participating in the development of note from the Ministry of Health with guidelines for rationalizing the use of iodinated contrast, in June, CBR promoted a webinar that included a lecture in which recommendations and alternatives were presented.

“We cannot give up quality, to look for solutions while preserving quality”, highlighted the President of the College, Valdair Muglia, on the occasion. The webinar can be viewed in full at official channel of CBR on Youtube.

CBR vice-president, Cibele Carvalho, declared: “More and more, when we go through adversities, it is time to learn. It is an opportunity to review contrast doses and radiation doses for our patients”.

CBR's scientific director, Luciana Costa, also gave a interview with Record TV in a report about the problem.

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