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CFM defends moratorium on medical schools in Brazil

Last Thursday (13), the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) published a note open to Brazilians reiterating its position against the resumption of the opening of new medical schools in the country, as well as expanding vacancies in existing courses. With the document, the municipality defends the maintenance of the moratorium, according to Ordinance No. 328/2018, […]

Whatsapp and Similar Platforms for Case Discussions CFM Understanding

In an important opinion on the current topic and which contains controversial issues, the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) concluded that digital communication platforms, such as WhatsApp, can be used by professionals to discuss medical cases. CFM Opinion No. 14/2017, issued by Dr. Emmanuel Fortes S. Cavalcanti, highlighted, however, some points that should be […]

CFM Repeals Resolution 2227/2018

CFM Directors revoked on Friday afternoon (22) Resolution No. 2,227 / 2018, which deals with Telemedicine in Brazil. CBR is aware of the process and stresses to its members the importance of keeping up with updates. Check out the text of the CFM in its entirety: Sensitive to the manifestations of Brazilian doctors and representative entities of the class, […]

Telemedicine: CFM to Receive Contributions to Resolution No. 2,227 / 18 by April 7

Since last Friday (8), the online platform of the Federal Council of Medicine has been in the air to collect suggestions for Resolution 2,227 / 2018, which disciplines telemedicine in Brazil as a way to provide technology-mediated medical services. All physicians regularly enrolled in the Regional Councils of Medicine (CRMs) and other entities […]

CBR supports CFM and AMB note on statement by Minister of Health

The Brazilian College of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (CBR) supports the note to the society issued by the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) and the Brazilian Medical Association (AMB) on July 13, 2017 (https://amb.org. / news / amb / amb-and-cfm-bounce-pejorative-comments-from Minister-ricardo-barros-and-stress-truth-about-management-of-sus /), in which our representative entities contest recent statement from the Minister of Health, Ricardo Barros. CBR Board

WhatsApp utilization between doctors and patients is CFM opinion topic

The Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) has issued an opinion on the use of WhatsApp among doctors and also professionals and their patients. Document No. 14/2017 is signed by the Reporting Counselor Emmanuel Fortes S. Cavalcanti. After a wide approach on the subject, the opinion, in its conclusion, highlights the private nature of the exchanged contents: […]