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The relationship between the resident and the tutor and shared responsibility

Medical residency is a post-graduate teaching modality, characterized by in-service training, under the guidance of professionals with high ethical and professional qualifications. In the context of this relationship, it is essential, therefore, the existence of supervision in the teaching of residents, creating, then, a preceptor-apprentice / student-teacher bond. Thus, with the preceptor being the supervisor of medical acts and responsible […]

Annual Resident Assessment is conducted in 12 cities of Brazil

Residents from various locations in Brazil participated, on January 27, in the 2019 Annual Assessment of Residents and Perfectors. Known for the extreme care in its preparation, both from a pedagogical and radiological content point of view, the assessment is an initiative of the Brazilian College. Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (CBR) since 2001 and […]