Diversity of CBR Studio themes also in podcast

The College has intensified the programming of the CBR Studio in recent months, mainly due to the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus, with topics directly related to COVID-19. But other themes were also part of this active program. It is possible to follow the program live through Workplace, and eventually through our YouTube channel with full interaction with […]

CBR Studio marks the launch of the digital platform focused on research to receive cases of COVID-19 in Brazil

The Brazilian College of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (CBR) and the Institute of Radiology of Hospital das Clínicas, Faculty of Medicine, University of São Paulo - InRad have joined forces in yet another action against COVID-19. In this pandemic scenario, technology has been an important ally and, in this action, it is not being different. […]

CBR Studio has a special edition about Coronavirus

The CBR Studio is in a special issue on Coronavirus. Therefore, instead of the biweekly broadcasts on Thursdays, as usual, the program is conducting a series of interviews and discussions related to the topic for dissemination on CBR's communication channels. Interviews and debates in different formats are published with a frequency […]

Provision of service to the population: First CBR Studio discusses the “Coronavirus”

The CBR Studio resumed its programming this year of 2020 on February 6, bringing an important theme for the entire population: the Coronavirus. The debate was moderated by doctors Hilton Leão and Rogério Caldana, members of the board of the College, who received doctors Celso Granato, an infectologist, and Dante Escuissato, a radiologist, as guests of […]