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CBR Studio on RQE

One of CBR's main fronts, Professional Defense - RQE, was the theme of CBR Studio on October 17th. The guest of this edition, Dr. Cibele Carvalho, Director of Professional Defense of the College, began her participation in the program explaining the important points of the specialty and the relevance of Professional Defense for […]

Check out the CBHPM table update released by AMB

Existing Postage and UCO Values Corrected The Brazilian Medical Association (AMB), through its Official Notice, published on October 29, 2018, corrected the CBHPM Existing Postage and UCO Values, using the INPC / IBGE as a reference for updating. of the period, which corresponds to 3.97%, associated with the necessary adjustments for the […]

TC - Virtual Colonoscopy (colonography) is the new procedure nomenclature in TUSS

The CBHPM meeting held on August 29, at the headquarters of the Brazilian Medical Association (AMB), for the Inclusion of 41001265 TC - Virtual Colonoscopy (colonography) was positive. Thus, the adequacy of the procedure nomenclature in TUSS (Unified Supplementary Health Terminology) code 41001265 changed from “Virtual Colonoscopy CT” to “Virtual Colonoscopy TC (colonography)”. […]

AMB releases postage table update and Operating Cost Unit

The Brazilian Medical Association (AMB) recently announced the update of the Operating Cost Unit present in the Brazilian Hierarchical Classification of Medical Procedures (CBHPM), which is an important reference in the Brazilian health market and also recognized by the supplementary health system for the creation of Terminology. Unified Supplementary Health (TUSS), besides being used as […]

CBR supports CFM and AMB note on statement by Minister of Health

The Brazilian College of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (CBR) supports the note to the society issued by the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) and the Brazilian Medical Association (AMB) on July 13, 2017 (https://amb.org. / news / amb / amb-and-cfm-bounce-pejorative-comments-from Minister-ricardo-barros-and-stress-truth-about-management-of-sus /), in which our representative entities contest recent statement from the Minister of Health, Ricardo Barros. CBR Board

AMB issues note on statement attributed to the Minister of Health

This Monday, April 10, 2017, the Brazilian Medical Association (AMB) issued a note on statement attributed to the Minister of Health, Ricardo Barros, in Cambridge, United States. Check out the full note below: “Government once again misses the topic of further examinations. Accurate diagnosis is a fundamental condition for treating patients. Exams do […]