The expression “honorary”, in its simple conceptualization, is a generic term used to indicate the remuneration of a freelance professional for the service provided. Medical fees, in turn, are the financial value related to the work provided by the medical professional to their patient. In a remuneration model, fee for service also designates payment for… Continue lendo

Open Letter to the Population

The Brazilian College of Radiology and Image Diagnosis (CBR), in accordance with its ethical and statutory principles as well as its commitment and responsibility in providing the best service to the population, hereby informs that it has received a complaint about the performance of ultrasound exams by non-medical professionals, therefore unskilled and/or qualified. – Regarding those… Continue lendo

Clinical management challenge

How to increase the effectiveness of the commercial relationship with operators and ensure the sustainability of the business Establishing a negotiation plan in the Diagnostic Medicine segment in Brazil is not a simple task. The required knowledge is broad and requires careful analysis of the market to obtain the desired results. The management model based on … Continue lendo