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Note on mandatory use of cervical radiological protectors for exams in RJ

The Brazilian College of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (CBR) became aware of Law 7,700 / 17, which makes the use of cervical radiological protectors mandatory for radiological examinations in the State of Rio de Janeiro. The CBR, as a representative institution of Brazilian Radiology, and the Association of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging of the State […]

Artificial intelligence and the work of the radiologist

The CBR Studios debut took place on September 21, a program that aims to discuss important topics for the radiological community. Live streaming allows colleagues to participate through Workplace. The first topic to be discussed was artificial intelligence: a very current subject that has […]

Clinics that take tests below cost

Calculating costs in the Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging segment is a complex task. Often on the quick account, considering only the highest direct costs or the most apparent, we get the wrong impression of the production price of our exams. Unfortunately today, the expenses in our segment are in many cases equal or even […]

Income Tax Refund of Radiological Service

As already known by owners and managers of radiological services, due to the disclosure of information by the Brazilian College of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (CBR), it is possible to apply the reduction of the income tax rate to 8%, a fact that brings a significant impact on corporate income. Indeed, that question […]

ANS extends deadline for participation in contract research

The National Agency for Supplementary Health (ANS) extended until September 30 the deadline for participation in the second edition of the survey on contracting between operators and service providers. The answer to the questionnaires is voluntary and, it should be noted, there will be no disclosure of individualized data. The goal of the research is to get a […]

CBR Accreditation Program (Padi) completes three years

The Program for Accreditation in Diagnostic Imaging (Padi) of the Brazilian College of Radiology (CBR) aims to evaluate public and private services, through impartial criteria, in relation to the fulfillment of minimum quality, safety and sustainability requirements. The program covers the whole process of taking an exam, from its […]

Padi launches new products

Since June 2017, the Brazilian College of Radiology (CBR) offers pre-audit services to those who wish to join the Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Program (Padi). This is an independent assessment that provides a diagnosis of your actual situation against the requirements of Norma Padi. Interested parties do not need […]

The Importance of CBR Quality Seals

The Brazilian College of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (CBR) began quality assurance programs in 1992 with the Mammography Quality Certification Program. “Since its inception, the main objective has been to improve the quality of exams, to bring to our country the benefits of screening, such as reduced […]

CBR Clarification on Hearing 3,661 / 2012

Today, the President of CBR, Dr. Manoel de Souza Rocha, released on video the current situation of Bill 3,661 of 2012 (PL 3661/2012) and the important role of CBR on the subject. Over the years, PL 3661/2012 has been modified through substitutes. In its initial proposal, it admitted to […]