CBR participates in the panel “Challenges for Telemedicine and Telehealth in Brazil” at SBCAS2019, in RJ

The Brazilian Symposium on Computing Applied to Health is one of the main forums for scientific dissemination and a meeting point for researchers in the fields of computing and health. Dr. Alexandra Monteiro, current first secretary at CBR and Southeast director at the Brazilian Association of Telemedicine and Telehealth (ABTMS), presented her experience on the topic and in the debate … Continue lendo

ABCDI signs partnership focused on digital solutions for supply management

Continuing the search for solutions and tools that benefit its members, the Brazilian Association of Diagnostic Imaging Clinics (ABCDI) signed a new partnership, now with Bionexo, a technology company that offers digital solutions for purchases, sales and supply management In the health area. One of its differentials is the infrastructure in … Continue lendo

Period to request readjustment with health operators ends in March

The Brazilian College of Radiology and Image Diagnosis (CBR) alerts clinics to an important issue, especially at the beginning of the year. This is a right of clinics that must be respected: the annual readjustment with health operators within a non-extendable period of 90 days, counted from the beginning of each calendar year as determined by … Continue lendo