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CBR extends the payment period of the 2020 Annuity

The Brazilian College of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (CBR) has been closely monitoring all developments in the most recent pandemic related to the new Coronavirus in Brazil and worldwide. In addition to following the guidelines of the authorities, CBR has also been making its important contribution to the medical community and the population through the dissemination of […]

COVID-19 and its legal impacts in Brazil: Compiled on what the member needs to know

The Brazilian College of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging, following closely the developments of the most recent pandemic related to the new Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), which has defined important changes in the world and has been affecting our country more intensely in recent days, in order to maintain the commitment to bring relevant information to associates, it presents a […]

CBR Studio has a special edition about Coronavirus

The CBR Studio is in a special issue on Coronavirus. Therefore, instead of the biweekly broadcasts on Thursdays, as usual, the program is conducting a series of interviews and discussions related to the topic for dissemination on CBR's communication channels. Interviews and debates in different formats are published with a frequency […]

Submit Coronavirus cases to CBR's BRAD Cases® platform!

CBR created a space to gather reports of cases of COVID-19 infection in Brazil. In this way, we intend to offer a reference for radiologists and other specialists of the radiological forms of presentation of the disease and its evolution in different clinical settings. In order to streamline the process, we are receiving cases both by email (bradcases@cbr.org.br) […]

General COVID-19 infection prevention recommendations for clinics and hospital diagnostic imaging services

1. Minimize the chance of exposure: When scheduling examinations and appointments for routine medical care (preventive, elective) instruct patients to discuss the possibility of rescheduling, especially if they experience symptoms of a respiratory infection (such as coughing, pain throat, fever). If the patient needs to have tests, establish a screening and ask that […]

Provision of service to the population: First CBR Studio discusses the “Coronavirus”

The CBR Studio resumed its programming this year of 2020 on February 6, bringing an important theme for the entire population: the Coronavirus. The debate was moderated by doctors Hilton Leão and Rogério Caldana, members of the board of the College, who received doctors Celso Granato, an infectologist, and Dante Escuissato, a radiologist, as guests of […]