Get to know IdeiaGov, a collaboration program between society and the public administration of the State of São Paulo

Recently launched, IdeiaGov is a collaboration program between society and the public administration of the State of São Paulo. The objective is to encourage the private sector to offer ideas and generate technological solutions that improve management performance and consequently bring benefits to citizens. The main role in training managers […]

ABCDI has a new partner and more benefits for associated clinics

ABCDI entered into a new partnership with the consultancy SpinEcho, a technical and commercial advisory company specializing in diagnostic imaging equipment. With this new benefit, clinics associated with ABCDI can count on support geared to their needs, always with a focus on the best cost and benefit ratio. A discount of 20% will be offered […]

Official positioning of CBR in defense of ultrasound

The Brazilian College of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (CBR), a national entity that officially represents the Radiology Specialty in Brazil, by bringing together specialists in Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging and those who use ultrasound as an area of expertise, fulfilling their statutory commitments and obligations, makes public, before our associates, […]

Micro Hemorrhagic Lesions And Impregnation In The Olfactory Bulbs Are Detected On MRI In Patients With COVID-19 By Brazilian Researchers And A Study Is Published In The American Journal Of Neuroradiology (AJNR)

One of the most renowned scientific journals in the world (AJNR) accepted on June 1st and published an article with new findings that were described by Brazilian researchers related to micro-hemorrhagic lesions and, probably, also impregnation in the olfactory bulbs of patients with COVID-19 with or without anosmia. The title of the article is “Anosmia no COVID-19 […]

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